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Sports Massage

What is Sports Massage?  

 Sports Massage is a form of massage involving manipulation of soft tissue to benefit a person engaged in regular physical activity. It is designed to assist in correcting problems and imbalances in the soft tissues that are caused from repetitive and strenuous physical activity, irrespective of age, level of fitness or level of training.


Benefits of Treatment

One of the most important benefits of sports massage therapy is to prevent injury by helping to maintain healthy muscle.

Tight muscles compress the blood vessels that are within it.  This will result in the restricted receipt of nutrients and oxygen into the area.  A muscle can't function at its best without these elements.  This can increase the risk of injury to the muscle effected.


Massage can be a major factor in recovering a muscle from fatigue.  The increase blood and lymph circulation that massage promotes will result in the waste products (carbon dioxide, lactic acid, and acid phosphate) being removed from and nutrients being supplied more effectively.  This promotes recovery of the muscle.

Benefits include:

  • release of muscle tension and pain

  • the removal of waste products such as Lactic Acid 

  • reduce discomfort caused by delayed onset muscle soreness following vigorous exercise

  • aid healing and restore mobility to injured muscle tissue

  • boost performance and extend overall life of sporting career

What to expect during a treatment session

Sports massage will be tailored to the individual client and relevant to the sport played.  

A new client  will have an initial consultation where we can discuss your injury concerns and issues. This may consist of a postural and mobility assessment including an assessment of the major joints which will help identify specific issues for treatment.

A brief health questionnaire will normally be completed which will also identify any possible contraindications to sports massage. Once your treatment is completed we will discuss changes you can make to your lifestyle training or work environment.

Identifying the causes of your injury and dysfunction will allow 
you to eliminate the potential cause and will aid your long term recovery.

Prices (prices based on onsite or within Lichfield area - Please call for price if further afield)

Price in red effective from 27th February 2017

45 minute treatment - £32


Shorter and longer treatments are available. If you require a quick pre or post event treatment when training or competing, this can easily be arranged.
We are keen to offer discounts for block bookings taken from clubs or individuals.

Gift Vouchers are available


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